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Netizens Shared the TV Shows That Started Amazing but Became Unbearable to Watch Later On

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We all have that “go-to” tv show that even though we’ve watched it multiple times is okay and you never get tired of the laughter, tears, and joy we get from it. From rom-coms, sit-coms to all-time drama, what’s there not to watch right? But there are just one of those shows that came up strong on their pilot episodes and just don’t seem to maintain its good flow up until the final season’s episode. What happens is you just pull yourself through to know what the conclusion would be or worse, you end up just stopped watching it.

Reddit user Snoo79382 is curious to know what TV shows you think started amazing but became unwatchable for you later on.

Here’s a list of TV shows that according to netizens are amazingly good at first but ended up being unwatchable soon after.

**Warning: There are some spoilers below.**

1. Once Upon a Time


Once upon a Time. The last season was awful! – Maddie215

I know why this is!! Originally, the show was going to be based on a comic called Fables. The general plot is the same, a fairy tale mashup and big bad villain for them to unite against. But Fables is a rated R comic with a lot of dark elements. Once Upon a Time is ABC FAMILY. They wanted to tone down the show. The people in charge of Fables didn’t want a washed-down shore. Creative differences and disputes led to the Fables show never being made.

But since most fairy tales don’t have copyright, they made their own version of the show. At first, it was great but they didn’t have a story to follow after losing the story of Fables. From the first season, they were pretty much winging it and it shows.
I still wonder what an actual Fables show would look like. – Pandemixx

2. Heroes


1st season was great, then the writers strike happened – Ohfukihavecovid

Not just the strike, but the network. Originally, there was supposed to be a different cast each season. The show was always supposed to be centered on ordinary people discovering their abilities.

Unfortunately, season 1 and some of its characters were so popular, the network was forced to keep everyone around. Look at season 1. Most of the characters had full arcs. Nathan made his choice to abandon the plan and give his life to get peter out of the city. Hiro learned the power was within him and not the sword. You can go down most of the list of characters and see their full arc….only for them to repeat the arc every season after because they didn’t know what to do with them. Peter had to forget he had powers, then get nerfed. Hiro had to continually have an excuse not to use his powers. Sylar had to constantly flip flop. Parkman had to be a hot mess forever. – tmssmt

3. CSI


Any of the CSI’s. Once you get into about 3/4 seasons of them you start realizing how ridiculous some of these cases are. – MRintheKEYS

My issue with most crime shows is these they are so formulaic. After a season or two, I can pick out the bad guy as soon as he shows up on the screen. – sam338

CSI is Suspect 1 Not Him. Suspect 2 not Him. Suspect 3 That’s our guy or it was actually suspect 1 in some episodes. – KyleCAV

4. Glee


Glee. The first season was a hilarious satire of stupid teen dramas. Then it became a stupid teen drama. – MoobyTheGoldenSock

They started writing the stories around popular music instead of finding songs to fit the plot like in season 1. – morgaes

Seriously, I loved and still do love the first season. It was so tongue in cheek and genuinely funny. Yes, they were singing the most predictable songs but at least they made sense.

Later they had so much more production than a “broke” high school club should have. And Ryan Murphy’s plots are kinda all over the place in everything he makes.

The moment that lost me is when Lea Michelle meets a new guy, Jesse, and starts dating him. Finn is jealous and sings…Jesse’s girl. Uggh – AmethystTrinket

Glee because for a while everything seemed ok but everything got too toxic and confusing after a while which made me stop watching. – MagentaLeopord2018

5. Pretty Little Liars


My favorite part about PLL is how season 3 to halfway through season 5 took place during the span of less than 2 months in Rosewood time. Multiple people were murdered, regained their vision from being blind(????), became blind again, became A, stopped being A, were checked into a mental asylum, left said mental asylum, finding out you had a secret child then finding out it’s not actually your child, presumed dead, came back to life, died again, house fires, people disappearing then coming back like nothing ever happened, being run over by a car, breaking up and getting back together, fcking a ghost, Alison returning to Rosewood, Aria taking a life then getting over it 2 episodes later, and multiple fake murders.

I hate this show but I love this show. – –Imhighrightnow–

PLL’s real value from the beginning was in its concept, but it became very clear by like season 3 that the writers were just making things up as they go. They were so focused on subverting audiences’ expectations that they ruined a perfectly good idea. It was disappointing to watch them destroy such an iconic teen show. – silent_shivers

6. True Blood

next episode

True Blood…by season 3 it was GARBAGE. But guess who watched it all? – Bruce_Ring-sting

True Blood didn’t just jump the shark, it launched into orbit, circled the globe a few times before plunging back into the ocean while the shark looked on in horror. – doctor_x

I actually enjoyed most of True blood, but the final season was crap, and the ending was just SO bad I was massively pissed off at myself for wasting my time with it… – The_Pulpiest_Fiction

7. Designated Survivor


Designated Survivor. Holy moly. The first season was amazing and everything else was glossy dog turd. – Carnalvore86

I stopped watching mid-season 2, after the “surprise death”. Won’t say who for spoilers. But they ended the episode with person dying, then start the next episode with “10 weeks later, oh and nothing has happened in 10 weeks”. There wasn’t even a reason for the death! It felt like they just wanted to write in more tragedy for tragedy’s sake. Ugh – Moonpaw

Designated Survivor could have been the poster child for the intentional one-season show, but instead, it became yet another casualty of this ridiculous phenomenon where a show is so clearly written with a limited run story in mind only to be artificially dragged out when it makes money. – greybeardthehippie

8. Riverdale


Riverdale. Season one was a genuinely okay teen drama. Then it all went downhill. Still can’t stop watching the madness tho. – Luzie

Bro Riverdale got insane after season 1 lol. SPOILERS:

Archie is a domestic terrorist with PTSD from his prison boxing career and a run-in with a bear, Jughead is a gang lord (I think he even sells drugs now?), Betty is an FBI agent coping with her serial killer bloodline and her own killer urges, Veronica did a hostile takeover over her father’s crime business, Cheryl attempted to kill her mom like twice and is now living in a haunted house with her lesbian lover…

I left after Season 2 but apparently, it had just gotten started. I think they’re doing a war arc where Archie gets drafted next season.

Edit: by the way, this is just the tip of the iceberg lmao. When you watch the show, you’ll be hanging off your seat with every new scene. An example: when Jughead was first taking control of the gang, he literally took a “pound of flesh” out of a rival’s arm. Like, they cornered her and cut it out with a switchblade. This is a show that had a date rape arc in the first few episodes on top of Archie sleeping with his teacher all season, there was nowhere to go but up from there. – turbocrat

Riverdale is insanely stupid. It got so bad that it did the impossible and looped back around and is my favorite show now. I doubt that I would watch it myself, but my daughter and I look forward to each episode and go all MST3K on it, pausing every time something absolutely insane happens or the writers simply forgot (or didn’t care) that they’ve totally botched the continuity.

I kid you not, for season 5 episodes we print out randomly generated Bingo cards with crazy plot points on them and play Riverdale bingo. – mrobilla

9. 13 Reasons Why


13 Reasons Why. Should not have got more than one season – jstarxx

By the time you get to the last season, it’s a completely different show. Clay should have been institutionalized like 40 times by then lol – StarDatAssinum

I think that seasons 1 and 2 are a completely different show than 3 and 4, but both storylines are enjoyable if you separate them. They shouldn’t be in the same show tho – Kermit the Clog

10. How to Get Away with Murder


How to get away with murder! Had so much potential. – AlexHollows

It turned into a bizarre murder club, and I couldn’t keep convincing my brain that any of it was plausible. – alyssajones22

That’s definitely a show that went on longer than it should have. The first couple of seasons, I could see how one event led into another, with complications from the initial murder that had to be dealt with. In later seasons, we’re just watching the World’s Dumbest Law Students make an endless series of bad choices. I admit, I kept watching and loving it, though. It’s an insane train wreck, but it’s so entertaining. – Thesafflower

11. Vikings

Critical Blast

Vikings. After Ragnar died it wasn’t the same, no matter how many characters they tried to replace him with. – PicklePucker

There’s so much bullsht in that show, the fact that the whole premise of the 1st season is that the British Isles are somehow unknown and you can only sail there with a special crystal… as no one wouldn’t have tried following the freaking coastline of mainland Europe westwards and found the British Isles immediately.

The whole show basically only works if your American and have absolutely 0 clues about European geography.

Also, I legit laughed out loud when they had Uppsala being portrayed as a temple up in some Norwegian mountains. – acathode

12. The Walking Dead


The walking dead. It started off as a great show and then just became a rinse and repeat of “oh there are another group of human survivors. We’ll clash and then kill each other”.- phipsbilling

In this zombie apocalypse, turns out the true monster is the man.

I’m not saying that’s a bad plot — in fact, it ends up being the plot of most zombie movies, good and bad — but it feels really repetitive when you’re in season 10 of a TV series, and you keep going back to that well. – adesimo1

People being stupid for the first couple of seasons is understandable because you’re seeing these people get to grips with their new reality. After a certain point, though it just gets silly, they don’t seem to learn from their mistakes (or at least, a really good premise like the guys who wander around with the walkers get trodden down by silly or contrived plot conveniences). – publicOwl

13. The 100


The 100. Really compelling first season. Then it just got stupid.

Edit: To be fair, Seasons 5 was truly amazing. The ending of it was one of the best endings to a season of anything I’ve ever watched. Then it went back to being trash. – Hynjia

Definitely! The first few seasons, yeah, pretty good. Then the story just became the same every season. They find a way to ruin a new place/city/planet, kill everyone that opposes them and then get mad they fight back.

Season 7 was just a huge bloodbath, killing people for no reason (including a major character), and a ridiculous conclusion to the story. Waste of time… – inessg

The ending of the last season was the most nonsense sht ever and that major character dying for no fucking reason pissed me off so much – PortugeseMagnifico

14. Suits


This one physically pains me, because it’s such a great premise with a great first season.

I mean, how the fck do you build a show about someone with a PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, and then completely forget to use it after a single season?!

IMO, the show was beyond saving once Mike went to jail. The smartest move would’ve been to make Mike Ross go legit, but he managed to get out early and carry on as if nothing happened. – EnderMB

Every scene ends with someone saying something passive-aggressive and walking out of the room/scene. Everyone I swear. – ssv-serenity

15. Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones. Everyone hates season 8, and with good reason, but honestly, the show’s quality began to drop at season 6. – IStanCatwoman

I seem to remember it was season 5 when they started making stuff up that wasn’t in the books, and the drop in quality of the writing because of it is blatant. – GlyphedArchitect

I think the saddest part of this whole Saga is that the show makers were essentially given a blank cheque and complete free reign to do whatever they wanted with the show by this point, but instead of utilising this effectively omnipotent power (at least in filmmaking terms) they decided to rush it so that they could move on to other projects, effectively killing the golden goose, irreparably damaging both their own and the show’s legacies.

I just don’t understand how they had such little regard for Game of Thrones, in the end, if they weren’t up to it they should have passed the project onto someone who was instead of disappointing everyone. – FeatsOfStrength

The worst thing is they didn’t even bother adapting those final two books properly. They missed a trove of incredible stuff from them, or just hacked them to make the dogs mess we watched. It was such a mess. – anduril38

How about you? What was the TV show that you went from YAY to outright NAY? Feel free to share it down below!


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