Netizens Shared the Secret They Know That Can Greatly Change Someone’s Life

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There are no secrets that time does not reveal.

– Jean Racine

Being trusted by someone’s secret is one of the biggest compliments that you can receive, it means that you are trustworthy and reliable. However, it can also take a toll on you since there is a reason why a secret is a secret.

A Reddit user daddydempy is curious to know the secret that you know about someone that if anyone else found out can literally ruin their life.

Below are the 15 netizens who divulge the secrets that they know can potentially change someone’s life.

1. Symbol to her stupid youth.


My mom is the most straight-laced, uptight person you can imagine and she works very high-level financial jobs for the government. If you looked up “professional woman” in the dictionary it would probably just be a picture of her.

What no one else knows is that she has a tattoo on the back of her leg of a bear with penises instead of legs- like where its legs would be there are just massive dicks. She wears tights or pants to cover it all the time, as far as I know, I’m the only person that knows about it. She was a very wild teenager and met up with an “aspiring tattoo artist” (aka rando with a tattoo gun) in a hotel room to get a tattoo of a bear when she was 16- the guy got a little excessively creative and gave her a bear with dicks for legs.

It is so vulgar that if anyone saw it I think there’s a good chance she’d lose her job, or at least have some serious explaining to do. I once asked her why she doesn’t get it removed and she says it’s her “symbol to her stupid youth”. – trufflesinascuffle

2. He’s just as bad, if not worse.


I know an older guy who claimed disability when filing for social security. Says he’s in so much pain because of past injuries, he can’t even drive. Has his girlfriend take off work and drive him to his in-person SS appointments just to keep up the charade. Has a walker just for these appointments too.

In the warmer months, he takes day-long motorcycle rides with her every weekend. He’s also in a band, and he stands on stage for hours for every set, maybe once or twice a month. Drives himself to the store, or an hour’s drive or so away to hang out with friends. So much pain/s.

The irony is, he used to be a PI, and most of his assignments were basically insurance/disability fraud, and he used to brag all the time about staking out and catching the fakers on camera. And he’s just as bad, if not worse. – Lemon_Drizzle_

3. Exemplary girl.

Joseph Redfield

The family of a good friend (let’s call her Ashley) is very religious. To the point that they only let her go to school or out with people they approved (I was the “good girl” who was allowed to go out with her to have fun) So, I was with Ashley during her rebellious stage in which she got into everything her family hated, got piercings, drank alcohol, dated guys (there was a video of her in a threesome that we had to delete from a guy’s cell phone), and even has a couple of tattoos.

The point is that she is now of legal age and her family treats her as the exemplary girl that she never gave problems with the minors of the family. She is in a 1-year relationship with a boy from church that they approve of and with whom she “had no relationships” because they are expecting marriage.

If they knew the things she did in her adolescence, they would completely disown her, she would take away all the financial stability that she has from her since she continues to live with her parents. And all her neighbors would stop talking to her because her father is the pastor of the church. – Yumingui

4. They will put all the clues together.

Dmitry Demidov

12 days before I had my 3rd child with my husband I found out he (29) was cheating on me with a 19yo and “didn’t want to be a full-time dad” ( his exact words) three kids are a bit late to realize that though. I went through labor without him, cut the cord myself (at the hospital), and moved out with my 3 kids without him. A couple of friends did figure it out but chose not to say anything due to my heavily pregnant state. I know it would have put them in a horrible position but me finding out on FB on my own was horrible. A friend being there to tell me would have been much better. But now I’ve just had my 4th child and found the man I am to spend the rest of my life with so it may take time to heal those wounds but they do heal with friends and family help. Think carefully of how/what you will say to them but tell them! They may not believe you but tell them your there for them because they will put all the clues together and at some point, they will need help. – InstanceQuirky

5. My brother had an affair with one of my friend’s mums.

Inzmam Khan

My brother had an affair with one of my friend’s mums. She used to give him a lift to work when he was 18 years old, and she started being suggestive on one drive so they pulled over and you know what. This continued for a long time, over six months. She ended up getting obsessed with him and he blocked her on all social media and his phone and basically buried his head in the sand. Her husband is a huge skin-head scary guy that owns one of the pubs, and her son is a lifelong friend of mine. None of them know. He only told me as she, seemingly, didn’t tell anyone. It’s pretty weird having such a weighted secret. – kicksjoysharkness

6. Depressing news.


In my first job out of college, I worked in a hospital. I found out that a group of young male doctors pitched in to rent an apartment that they used as their spot for cheating on their wives with their side pieces. They seemed like such nice, normal guys too, not sleazebags. That was depressing news. – kara_anna

7. He got a handjob.

Valeria Boltneva

I know a guy who married his high school sweetheart. They seemed to be head-over-heels in love, and quite devoted to each other….during the engagement period, he got a handjob from a woman we both knew. I’m quite sure his fiancee’-now-wife never heard about it. – driving_and_flying

8. I don’t like keeping the secret.

Andrea Piacquadio

My friend is 37, has a wife, 2 kids, and works primarily as a counselor for teenagers. The secret is, he’s gay. He’s had a few boyfriends that I’ve known. We’ve talked at length about this, as I don’t like keeping the secret, wishing he could come out and own it, but sadly, where he lives, people he works with, it’d torpedo his whole life if he ever got caught. His own family one time suspected he was gay, and with no real evidence disowned him. His life would be over if he came out.

Bonus: On campus, I knew this girl. Wild child. But did not adhere to being safe and got a few abortions. ‘Reformed’, met and married a Christian guy, and now they’re trying to conceive. After years of it not happening, they went for tests and she somehow paid off the doctor to report that she was fine and healthy and have the tests show that the husband is the one who has issues. I’m the only one who knows of the abortions, and she looked for me a while back just to tell me to keep my mouth shut. – 68kgsofKenyan

9. Denied vacation requests.

Andrea Piacquadio

A former colleague denied vacation requests for staff so he could instead approve a request for a subpar employee that he kissed at an office party. He’s on an H1-B and if he were fired would have to go back to India and his wife would find out what happened. He’s too lazy to apply for a visa change to get off the H1-B and is a shtty manager in general. – antiochnowhere 

10. Family heirloom.

Leah Kelley

My stepmom threw away a family heirloom that was gifted to me to make my already poor relationship with my dad worse. I didn’t figure it out until many years later, but my dad has passed now and she was never popular with any of my family or any of his friends, to begin with. – Nine-LifedEnchanter

11. Diapers.

Public Domain Pictures

One guy I know in high school wears diapers to bed because he still pisses the bed, he’s popular-ish so I could spread that like wildfire if I wanted too but we’re buddy’s, he doesn’t know I know and that’s the way I’ll keep it. – BattleToaster68

12. Nicest guy who just unwittingly stumbled into a dubious windfall.


I went to university with a guy who became a very successful drug dealer on the dark web. He made tens of millions, then quietly retired somewhere in Asia and opened a vegan restaurant. His wife and kids don’t have a clue. Last we spoke he said he still held most of the Bitcoin he collected back then and it’s worth “9 digits” now. I don’t want to say much more, he’s the nicest guy who just unwittingly stumbled into a dubious windfall. – Crackodile

13. Hardcore Christian.

Andrea Piacquadio

My ex-husband pretends to be a hardcore Christian. He pretends I was awful to him when really he was just a child who still at 31 refuses to grow-up. He has this whole façade and people believe him because he’s such a “nice guy.” His big secret? When he left me, he went on Craigslist and hooked up with a man. Doesn’t know if protection was used. Didn’t stay in contact at all. If his family/church knew, he would be disowned and excommunicated. – apathetichic

14. A stranger found me on Facebook.

Anna Shvets

A stranger found me on Facebook, announcing she’s my half-sister – she explained that our dad used to see a woman before he met my mum and had a child with her – she was that child – and that woman decided to let some auntie raise her as she was unable to for some reason, and our dad moved abroad. Now as a grown-up older woman she appears in my life, the dad no longer alive so can’t be confronted. I’ve never told mum about it – so maybe delivery of this news wouldn’t ruin my mum’s life directly, the shock could do potentially. – ckcrave 

15. Strong platonic love.

Josh Willink

I have had a very strong platonic love for more than a decade. He never cared, we had a small fling that supposedly he even already forgot. But even so, I love him. We don’t live on the same continent nor we have the same culture. Alright, last year I found out over a search on the internet he has 3 little kids and a wife, then I decided to send him a message to see how he was, during the pandemic. As soon as he saw my message, he responded in a very very flirty way. To make the long story short, he doesn’t know I know he has a family, wife, kids and still writes sexual messages to me as if he was a very single 40-year-old man, something that he isn’t. Plus, I knew by my research that his wife works with him in the same insurance company where he is the owner.

Result: I could blow his professional/family success up by only sending her all his messages to her business email which is of their insurance company letting their co-workers know the kind of man he is. Surely, the wife would never accept it and would divorce him, and his reputation as an insurance broker will be far gone. As a German, it’s very important that work reputation, and I can make it disappear only with a single email.

Sometimes I want to do it for all the hurt he made me pass in these 14 years. Other times, if I do it I will never hear of him again and he will disappear from my life. He seems to still want to have contact and it makes me comfortable that he doesn’t have any slight idea that I know so much of his life and I can destroy it in one second. – daskleinebaby

How about you? Do you also know someone’s dark secret? 


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