Netizens Share the Advice They Wish to Tell Their Younger Self

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There were always moments that made you wish you knew better whenever you looked back on your teenage years, it may be an action that made you cringe, a choice that you wanted to change, or a decision that you wish you did not make in the first place. Isn’t it great if an older and wiser version of yourself will visit you and give you sound advice that will be your guide on your journey in life?

If you have an option to go back in time, what do you think is a piece of helpful advice that you will give to your younger self? That is the question the Reddit user peepthekiwi wants to know and below are the 15 pieces of advice that we wish we knew sooner.

1. I’d rather work with someone who is nice.

Ivan Samkov

High-school type politics persist through most workplaces and everything is a popularity contest. The most important thing is to be likable and easy to work with. Your skills definitely matter but make sure you’re likable first.

I’d rather work with someone who is nice and not as skilled than a genius who is a complete asshole. – HalfwayIllumined

2. Decisions are not forever.

Engin Akyurt

Just about every decision that feels important now can be changed. You do not need to have a plan for your entire life. Just know what you want the next step to be. You can change courses, learn new skills and pursue new interests at any point in your life. These decisions are not forever. – KaranoKarano

3.  You are not a loser.

Tirachard Kumtanom

You are not a loser. You have value! As a matter of fact, you have a shit ton of value, even if the world does not yet see it!

Understand that the next 4 to 5 years are going to have some rough patches. You are going to worry about how people perceive you. You might let it affect who you are friends with, what activities you do, who you chose as a boyfriend/girlfriend, and how you look. Just be you! When you graduate high school, most likely your social world will be shattered and nothing like what you have known your entire life.

And always remember it is OK to not be OK. Your feelings are real and most likely justified. – slider728

4. Adults are worth listening to.

Ivan Samkov

Realize, adults don’t know everything or even most things, but they do have more experience than you. They are certainly worth listening to. Ask them ‘why’ as often as you can, especially if they are telling you to do something you don’t feel is right – you may realize there is a method behind their madness. – Billbaprophet

5.  Put yourself out there.

Max Fischer

Put yourself out there. Ask that person out on a date. The worst they can do is say no and you’re in the same position.

Try out for that team/group. You may not make it but at least you tried. Join that club. Who cares what other people think about it if it’s something you’re interested in.

Basically, take a chance. Embarrassment is temporary, regret is forever. – rat-again

6. Don’t get caught up in your mistakes.

Andrea Piacquadio

Don’t get caught up in your mistakes. Fix them as best as you can, learn why they happened, try to not make them again, and move on.

Or, if you’re a situational learner, pour a carton of milk on the floor and sit next to it, then cry until the milk cleans itself up.

Feeling bad about your mistakes won’t undo them, or do you any good in general. – Kartoffelkamm

7. Learn how to save your money.

Joslyn Pickens

Learn how to save your money. Also if you have a passion for something go for it. Don’t worry about how much money you’re going to make that part usually works itself out somehow.

Lastly, if you don’t have a passion for something or don’t know what you want to do, find a job that you like doing (not passion, just don’t mind doing the job) and stick to it. Stay as long as you can and that job a lot of times will turn into a good career for you. That’s way better than jumping around from job to job and never really advancing. – Robert_Ricigliano

8.  Life is both long and short.

Kampus Production

Everything that happens to you seems big and important at the time, but as time passes they diminish. It’s easy to think that a bully is giving you no reason to live, or that a test is going to ruin your entire academic career, but that’s just not true.

Life is both long and short. Terrible things pass, and as you grow older you learn to deal with them better. Whenever you experience something that seems like the world is falling apart, try to understand that it will eventually seem small, and one day you’ll look back and laugh about it. – Minimalcharges

9. Do what you enjoy, not what others enjoy.

Anna Shvets

Do what you enjoy, not what others enjoy. Learn everything about it instead of trying to please others with their standard likes. Nothing beats the possibility of using what you learnt to find a path in life fitting your interest. Friends won’t really care if you like some different thing than them, only wanna-be friends will give you shit. – S3cr3tRainbow

10. You are the expert on yourself.

Elina Sazonova

Life’s not fair, bad things happen to anyone. and be careful who you put your trust in, anyone can fuck you over.

Consider others around you but make your own decisions. After all, you know what’s best for you, you are the expert on yourself. – bixmix97

11. Enjoy these years, don’t be in a rush to grow up.

Sharon McCutcheon

Enjoy these years, don’t be in a rush to grow up. Try not to bow to peer pressure. Just because maybe your friends get into drugs doesn’t mean you need to. There is no rush to lose your virginity. It’s really not as big a deal as a society and the media have made it. Don’t waste it because you want to do it asap. Do it with someone special.

Some advice I wish I had when I was going off the rails. I work with a lot of ex-military. They have all got tasty pensions coming in as well as their wages. While I was wasting my life partying and getting fucked up they were out there securing their family’s future. – Itburnsburnsburns80

12. Be smart with your money as soon as possible.

Karolina Grabowska

Learn finances as soon as possible. Compounding interest makes it exponentially more valuable to be smart with your money as soon as possible. – xfactormunky

13. Do things at your own time.

Rachel Claire

You don’t have to date anybody. You don’t owe them a date just because they like you. Do things at your own time, and eventually, you’ll find someone who feels right for you. – MissJacksonismylife

14. Do not waste time and energy trying to be someone different.


Any friends who make you feel bad about yourself are not your friends. Do not waste time and energy trying to be someone different because you think it will win people over. In the end, you will be surrounded by people who don’t know the real you and it will force you to question their affection.

Seriously. So many of us waste time on the wrong people, and time is really all we have. Use it wisely. – happy_dance

15. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Tirachard Kumtanom

Experience as much of life as you can and try as much as you can. Don’t be afraid of failure.

In ten years when you’re 23, none of your failures will matter in the least. Some of your successes might. – Different_States


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